How to witness everyday miracles

If you want to witness the tiny miracles that are around you, be still. Being quietly aware of where you are at this very moment affords you the opportunity to see and experience wonder. Whether it's a garbage shaped as a heart on the street or dew on a plant, or the playful spirit of a child and many other sweet surprises, miracles are all around you, always, in all ways. Allow them into your life. Slow down and with eyes + heart wide open, let the universe show you. 

We walk so quickly through the world that one morning turns to a decade and then we say, "where did it all go?" Try, as much as you can, to s-l-o-w it down a bit and live e-a-c-h moment. 

How to witness everyday small miracles:

Slow down:
What's your hurry? It takes just a few minutes to notice. Part of my success in life is not the Emmy that sits on my shelve, though I am immensely proud of it, or my two books, though I am very proud of having written and published them, or the life I have created, though I feel immensely blessed. My success, I realize, is having the space in my heart to slow down time enough so that as my beloved says, I don't miss the spring. With eyes wide open I surrender to what is before me. It's so amazing to finally recognize that all we have is now

Live in the moment:
There is a lot of talk from sage people of the world about living in the moment. It's my biggest challenge. Like any sentient being on the planet worry is part of my life, the past is present and so is tomorrow with all its promises and problems. But rather that allowing that to consume my day, I give worry a hearing. I allow worry to tell me what it wants to tell me. Lessons galore. Then I move on. The idea is not to let worry fester long enough to get you into a funk or push you to make harsh decisions. Worry and dear one, move on. This creates an opening for the tiny miracles to reveal themselves. This takes practice, try it for a few minutes a day.

Try this:
When was the last time you walked or sat in nature for 10 minutes just being? 
Walk to a park, garden, body of water, anywhere where nature can show you what it's got. Be still and observe. There is a miracle in the flower, plant, clouds, water. Let the universe show its wonder. Make it a daily practice. Your peace of heart will thank you. 

This is the thing, it's not just nature--people, creatures of all kinds are dying to show themselves to you, wanting you to see more than you have been able to see.

I was on a bus yesterday and two four year old boys sitting behind me kept poking me. They wanted to play. Their moms started to scream at them, "leave that lady alone."And I turned around and with a big smile matched their playfulness. I allowed them in and they were so precious and showed me their child spirits. I engaged them in child's play. Talking, being silly and it was a fun time for me, for them for the 10 minute ride. Even the moms got into it. Had my head been stuck on all the shit that I have to do, and all the challenges that I have before me, and all the deadlines, etc etc, I would have missed two little sweet boys.  

Try another thing:
Whenever a child enters into your space, stop, smile and give them your fullest attention. Try that with an adult too, and see what happens.

Miracles, they are all around you. 
Believe it. 

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me. Hoping to hear about some of your tiny miracles.


  1. Oh yes, slow way down to see it all. It's there, and the "All" that loves you wants you to slow down to see and experience it.

    You have a wonderful blog! Thank you for blogging.