The Bronx on her mind...

Forget Madame Justice, just call her, "Sonia from the Bronx," says Justice Sotomayor to 60 Minutes. What is it about the Bronx that those who were born or raised there forever want to be associated with the borough? (Well all except Kerry Washington, also from Soundview, who keeps that tight to the chest.) But for the Justice, the third woman and first Hispanic on the high court, being a Bronx girl is a source of pride, strength, and honor. Sotomayor's new memoir, My Beloved World, is like a love letter to the place.

In this 60 minutes segment, the most intimate TV interview yet, she opens up about affirmative action, being raised in the projects, and rising to the top of her field. Honest, intelligent, tough & funny Bronx girl, what is not love. Here is the full link or watch part of the interview here.