America the beautiful...

This was the view from the skies as I flew into the great state of Colorado where I am scheduled to speak tonight at the 34th annual Dinner & Dance of the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce. But before the keynote I will visit Risley Middle School to speak to young Latina students. And I thought, this patchwork of beauty is inspiring. Each is so different adding to the majesty of the landscape.

As I get ready to speak to the middle school girls, I hold on to the message that the land is offering. I want to inspire young Latinas not to be afraid to dream big. I want them to know that there are tangible symbols of success all around them, not to be afraid to reach out to the elders. And that when you dream big as a child and take responsibilities for those dreams you can achieve great things.

As children of the universe, they and each of us was born to create amazing and dazzling things.
Nature gave us the code: there is beauty and power in what each of us bring to the table. Believe it.


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