Don't be so busy to miss out on spring. 

Some loveliness from my morning walk on one my favorites places in my home town of New York, New York. High Line Park. Bellisimo. 

The light of the season is sublime
Flowers are in bloom 

Urban mockingbird having breakfast.

I heard a gardener whisper to this mockingbird, don't be so covetous of this space, there are enough berries for everyone.

El Anatsui's mammoth installation

Broken Bridge II is the masterful work of El Anatsui, considered one of the most brilliant artists of his generation. This mesmerizing piece is now on display between 21st and 22nd streets. The Nigerian artist is best known for approprating common everyday materials and turning them into monumental and intricate sculptures. Broken Bridge II is the largest outdoor installation by the artist. Anatsui is also now showing thirty works at the Brooklyn Museum.


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