Spring holds so much beauty

I hope you embrace it.

I recently read a Margaret Atwood quote about how at the end of each day in Spring, our hands should be filled with dirt. And while I am only gardener in my head and via my beloved mother, I fully appreciate Atwood's sentiments. At the end of each spring day, our souls should have taken in all the beauty of the season, we should have toiled inside and seeded our intentions.

Spring Equinox is a time when sun light and darkness are equal parts. It's a day when our part of the world, the Northern Hemisphere, is balanced. How amazing is that! I enjoyed Teo Bishop's piece on spring and agree with him that the season is an opportunity to embrace the sovereignty of our own balance and also welcome the meaningful work ahead of us.

The gift of spring is elegant: an exhortation to plant and not just in the literal sense. If in the winter months, it was time to go within, to relish in the dark days, now that light has arrived, does it not make sense that we begin seeding? If we take cues from those who toil the earth, we will have balance in our hearts. Remember: nature has given us the code, we just have to listen.

That idea, that special project you have been thinking about, maybe it's time to dust if off and begin working on it?

It's an auspicious time for beginnings. You will be supported by the energy of the season because spring holds promise--it's renewal, rebirth and hope of great things to come.