Stop sitting on your potential & do something with it...

Success consists in being successful, not in having the potential for success. ~Fernando Pessoa

We have all been endowed with unique gifts, but not all of us take advantage of these gifts. 

Jennifer Lopez haters you might want to skip this post. If you are one of those folks that sits and criticizes Lopez because she is too this or too that--watch your words. You are really critiquing yourself. Love Lopez or hate her, the Bronx born millionaire transcended all the boxes that society, culture, and perhaps even her family placed on her.Today the New York Rican dancer, actress and singer is the head of a million dollar enterprise. She went after her dreams with gusto.  Are you going after yours? Or, are you hatin on those who go for theirs? 

What kind of deals Lopez made to get to where she is today is her business. But, what I find inspiring is Lopez' rags to riches story. Anyone who has spent time in Hollywood will tell you the industry is not only infested with sharks but it's a petri dish replete with piranhas--of all genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations-- all wanting to eat you alive and not even spit you out. Forget making it in New York, if you can make it in Hollywood, you can make it anywhere. This is the world of illusion and celebrity obsession that modern day society is living in and that moves millions. 

To know that Lopez is making money in her sleep (her perfume line is reportedly worth $300 million) is inspiring all the more because she was not a daughter of anyone moneyd, connected or famous, like a lot of people in the industry who were born in a studio lot and think they deserve Oscars. And, unlike many of the reality show millionaires, Lopez did not have to have an X-rated video to launch her in the game.

So what that Lopez didn't start a not-for-profit in the Bronx, Lopez' life purpose was to entertain. And that she does well. She is living her purpose or so it seems. 

But, this post is not so much about Jennifer Lopez. This is about the stuff that I have seen in her and in all the successful people I've interviewed over the years...

--Spike Lee, Alicia Keys, Justice of the Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor, Benicio Del Toro, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Blakely, Betsey Johnson, Edie Falco, Narciso Rodriguez, and so many, many more, inlcuding in Lopez. They have one thing in common: they manifested their potential by putting in long hours and I think, by being self propelled, and fearless in their belief of their potential and contributions to their field. 

They believed in their ideas and talent when no one did. They prepared. They acted on these ideas. Each believed in their potential just enough to put in the massive amount of work it takes to succeed in their craft. They also had champions and mentors, cheerleaders and maybe a therapist or two,

I've written about potential before. And you can read the entire post HERE. The timeless question is one worth asking:

Are you sitting on a treasure trove of your potential. Is that novel, collection of poetry, self-help tome, screen play ever going to be written? Is that painting ever going to get started? Or the restaurant you dream about opened?  Do you believe enough in your idea to move forward with it, today, one step at a time.

As yourself this, is there anyone I can reach out to help me move forward with my big dream?