Secret to a happy life

Highline Park installation, Spring 2012
Complex decisions become easy when you ask yourself what will make you happy. Take a deep breath & always choose happy.

Complicated problems can usually be whittled down to very simple things, one of these being happiness. Decisions become easy when you step into a space of love and ask yourself a simple question: what will make you happy. I know that it may sound naive to be so bold as to suggest that this happy question would apply to all decisions but I am convinced that if we rope back all life's hard decisions--from war to love--through all the possible roads it will lead back to the same ocean: happiness.

At the core we all human beings want to be happy. To have peace in our hearts. To be loved. To feel love. 

Why shouldn't happy be put on the table? Wouldn't the planet be a better place? I am convinced too that happiness is not as elusive as most of us think. My mom just reminded me yesterday that no amount of money is worth happiness and she's right. I feel blessed to have someone so dear clear on this practice.

The thing is, that you are not responsible for anyone's happiness but yours. When you are happy, it's contagious, and a gift you give to others because you offer the best you to the world.

An awesome practice to welcome today is the happiness question. Throw it in, mix it in, and be happy. I mean why not?


  1. Very wise. Definitely, the decision that leads to happiness is the best choice!

  2. For a very long time I thought happiness came from outside of me. If only s/he would do this or that... If only they would believe in me... If only my dreams would come true; I could be happy. I tried to please them and do what they wanted. Happiness didn't pour in; it did however trickle in at some unexpected moments, but it would quickly vanish as the elements outside of me began to storm again. It wasn't until I learned about the me inside of me. The me that observes me and the world. It is the me who approves of me, loves me, and totally accepts me just like I am. And then I began to spend more time with my soul, that consistent presence within me, the me who is the child of the Most High, when I realized I am the soul. I am the observer.

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  4. Wonderful post.everyone is responsible to make own happy.all should live to happily, if you live happy it will be good for you.

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