Latinas Rising

We can experience everyday gifts when we allow ourselves to give of ourselves freely...
Believe it! Practice it. Become it.

The scene was the opposite of the images you see in many of today's TV shows where women go at it, tearing each other down, stabbing each other's backs and fronts too!

The Latinas Sharing Wisdom and Moving Forward workshop in Santa Monica College was inspiring and uplifting. It was a day where more than fifty women made pledges to appeal to the better angels that reside within. Collaborating with "8 Ways to Say I Love My Life," authors, Susan Orozco and Johanna Ilizalturri Diaz, with the production prowess of Gina Linn Espinoza was magical.

A note on the crabs in the barrel mentality:

In their natural state crabs don't tear each other down, only when in buckets when they feel oppressed and in pain, and they do feel pain, do crabs act against their nature. And, so it is with us brown folks. When we live in a space of scarcity--in a bucket mindset--we act against our collaborative nature and tear each other down as one of us climbs the ladder of success.

Fostering healthy relationships among women starts with doing a self diagnosis. Not just once but constantly because at any moment we can feel deficient and act out. I am, we are all works in progress.

Promoting and supporting each other's dreams is not that far fetched when you live in a space of abundance and love. But, you must make a commitment to foster that inside. Cultivate the energy and help manifest it.

Bottom line: don't hoard your gifts or your loving heart--both bless the world.

I came across this timeless post from last August:
Here is part of it again:

Giving opens pathways to receiving, unlocks any clogs and allows the natural flow of exchange to take place.

We can experience everyday gifts if we allow ourselves to give of ourselves.

A smile.
A silent blessing.
A compliment.

When we give of ourselves-- attention, time, money, effort, love-- wholeheartedly, we are happier. Social scientists continually show this human phenomena, the more people give, the happier people they say they are. Giving, studies show, strengthens the immune system, it reduces stress and anger among many other fantastic benefits. It's called the giver's high and when it comes from a space without preconditions, is a powerful healing antidote for both parties.