Let go of suffering: 5 daily practices

This karmic cleanse is a like weeding a garden, except in this case, you are not toiling soil, but weeding your soul. It all starts with the work we do within--clearing out spaces so that we can grow and harvest goodness. Going in and checking to see what weeds--or behaviours-- are disturbing your flow and your wholeness is essential. Each of us is a universal expression of love and perfection yet so few understand this. I was in that space--of not knowing my beauty--for a long time. The internal work has been arduous at times, but it's been worth it and it's ongoing. Each day, I learn something new.

What I have found to be true is this: what you pay attention to grows. My lovely friends, pay attention to the things you pay attention to... Here are some tips for a daily soul cleansing.
Before you go to sleep each night, spend a few minutes reviewing your day. Think of three things that you are grateful for. These moments can be tiny, the weather was beautiful, the barrista in the coffee shop made a perfect soy cappuccino or you made it to zumba class. Being alive is always a good thing to be grateful for. And, so is your breath, it is your essence. Noticing the goodness in your life, however small and giving thanks always is a daily cleanse of the spirit. It resets your soul.

Act with love
Sometimes we act in rage, envy, greed and even hate. And underneath all this is one thing: fear. Fear of not being loved, fear of rejection, fear of not having enough. Fill in your fears here... We act from a space of deficiency when all around there is abundance. Who hasn't been there--acted of out of revenge to get back at someone who hurt? When we know better, we do better, says Maya Angelous. Words from the wise!  This I know for sure: when I introduced love into my daily life--write in love (The Latina's Bible and The New Latina's Bible are both steeped in love those who read my words, feel my love) speak in love, live in love and sweetness happens. And it's not just spirit moving thru me, my stress level is managed and balanced and my immune system strengthened. A recipe of love with every act is a recipe for a joyous and peaceful heart. I even sprinkle love's magic energy in the food I cook and I've become a better cook. Sprinkle love in everything you do.

It's one of those simple things that we can do quietly. Why you do the things you do is ground zero.  Granted, sometimes we are so out of touch with our wounds, that we don't even know where some of our actions come from. Raise your hand if you've been there? You know, when someone points out that you are passive aggressive? The last time I was checked, sweetly, by a friend, I wrote this post. So this practice takes some time to explore, but with each act check your motives. Will this motive hurt another person, will it hurt me or, why am I acting so crazy? You know best, you are your best teacher. Check yourself and when others check you, pay attention.

Some people have funky attitudes and trust, if they are your family members and you love them dearly and live with them--it can suck big time. But its not so much about others, its you. And you have the right to remove yourself--by way of timeout, break up, even divorce--from people whose attitude sucks. Be compassionate and call them out, gently. But this is more about YOUR attitude not the 'tude of others. How are you living your life? With positivity and elegance or deficiency and greed? Is your attitude whiny, negative, nasty, catty, bitchy, cunning, dishonest, or sweet, open, trusting, transparent, honest, playful? Fill in your state of grace... here. Check yourself.

ForgiveThis is the key to life, to happiness, to living in a state of grace and with peace in your heart. The burden of carrying wounds is so dangerous to our health--both physical, mental and spiritual. It's also about asking those you wounded for forgiveness. A wonderful man and dear friend shared on his deathbed the wisest advice three days before he passed. Juan knew he was going to die at any moment since the cancer was raging through his body and he said this to me : forgive. Let go of the wounds of the past. It's not worth carrying the load. When you don't forgive--yourself and others--you cheat yourself of a beautiful life.


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