This is your life girl.  It's short. Make it beautiful. Make it count.

Before you know it, you will be dead. Not to be dark or anything, but like my momma says, if you don't wanna die, then don't be born. Death is the only sure thing in life. Growing up with a wise woman who often dropped those kinds of nuggets, I appreciate death for sure. And, as such, I am making my life count before I die. Are you?

If you hate your job, quit. If you are feeling unhealthy, unhappy, unmotivated--get help. If you're feeling stuck, get unstuck. I know it's easier said than done when you're deep in the tar of life's shit and feel like you can't get out. But here's the thing: there are people around you who can help you move forward, to a better place. However, it starts and ends with you. Reach out. Make the phone call to a friend, a doctor, a gym, send that email, text, message, ping--your words are verbs, they are actions in the air!

Here are some tips to help you:

You need a buddy: 
There are different friends for different needs, and they are all valuable-- a party friend, a therapist friend, an executioner friend, a coach friend. You know what you need at the moment: is it to be heard, to get advice, to help you plan your run for the city council, to go back to school? Figure out what you need and reach out to that someone in your circle. She or he are there waiting to bless you with their gifts.

Do yoga
If yoga is not your thing, go for a nature walk, take a meditation class, go jogging, or dance. Move your body, the endorphins--feel good hormones-- that your body produces from just a 1/2 hour walk is fuel and will inspire you. I always add movement to all my posts because is the most pained moments in life, taking a short walk always helped clear the mind. Get your ass up and out!

Fuel your body right
Would you pour water in your gas tank, or give a newborn steak and eggs? No?  Then why would you eat stuff that is making you sick. At each stage in our lives we need different kind of fueling, but just like a car don't run on water, you cannot run well on what Michael Pollan calls foodstufff or food that comes in boxes--highly processed foods.  Please know this. Eat more vegetables and less of the foodstuff that weigh you down. Sugar is the devil, it suppresses your system. I am slowly cutting it out--it is ubiquitous and challenging. Si se puede. Here's an earlier post, Food you Eat may be Killing You, that can help you understand a little more all this food stuff.

Sketch out a plan:
You need to have a plan. A wellness plan, a career plan--a plan of action. There are people who can help, you you need to help yourself. Start small. Choose a priority, one thing. Note, if your health is what is making you "sick" it's really important to understand that you can't do much without it and that should be YOUR priority? Getting healthy will take time, commitment, and discipline. You are your best teacher. And then there are the experts. Find a wellness buddy. Take it small, start a daily plan, and slowly, tackle one thing at a time. Whatever ails you--career, love, life in general-- if you are stuck, need motivation, and are confused about where you want to be, what you need at this moment of feeling stuck is a friend who listens. And offers advice. And helps you sketch things out.

Bottom line:
Your life is precious. Asking for help is a sign of genius because you recognize that you cannot do it all by yourself. And you bless others by letting them help you with their gifts.

Joy, peace, and perfect health in mind body and spirit is your birth right during this life, before you die. However cliche that may sound to you, it is truth. Each of us was born to make great contributions--no life is less sacred or special. Believe it. Before you know it, you will be gone.


  1. Great post Sandra, thank you! "You need to have a plan" I resisted that one. But indeed, you must have a plan. You can't where you want to go if you don't know where you're going, right? Abrazo.

  2. Exactamente! We are bound to pain. We need to make the leap to embrace joy, happiness, wellness. Si se puede! Un abrazote, diosa!

  3. Nice post Sandra, You shared amazing post regarding our life. You said right, It is Our life, We can do whatever we want to do.

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