Is your job worthwhile?

We spend a whopping 90,000 hours working over our lifetime. That is alotta hours people. So, the question that begs to be asked and answered is: is your job worthwhile? Or, does your job bring you meaning? Does it offer you joy? If the answers are no, no and no, know that you are in great company.

I hate my job:

Nearly 80 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. We are living among a lot of unhappy folks. 

And its understandable. Many of us are living the lives that others planned or imagined for us--culture, society, family, community, and of course, we need to pay bills. But no so fast...

The number one reason people give when asked why not quit a job they hate is bills. We stress over health insurance, mortgage payments, school tuition, rent, sky-high Jimmy Choo stilettos, cars, things-- things that keep us connected and some would say, prisoners, to the same jobs, neighborhoods, and even people that well, we would rather not be caught with after the work day is over. 

But choices you have, yes, bills are must get paid, but you reading this post, never believe that you are stuck--in anything. The great Brazilian writer, Paolo Coehlo reminds us in his classic book, "The Alchemist" just that: the greatest mistake people make is thinking they have no choice. At any given moment you are free to make a decision that moves you in the direction of soul freedom.

Be free... work at something you love.
For me, it happened when I understood the difference between a want and a need. That simple. The two words are a world apart and when you appreciate the difference, you rest easy. Stuff outside of you takes on a different meaning.

What do you need to live a healthy life and be free:

Good food.
Good rest.
Good friends.
Happy heart & mind.

It doesn't matter how much wealth, fame, status, pedigree, beauty, or talent a person may possess. Indeed, you can have the world at your fingertips, seducing the planet with charm, elegance, intellect, athleticism, virtuosity and still, none of those things will seem to satisfy if one hasn't connected to self.

Go inside, learn yourself.

One way to do this is to simplify your life.

You know that baby with a big pink bow on her head, you have seen her in malls, parks, she is everywhere. Her face so cute but not so happy because she has that big pink thing on her head. What are the things you have on your head, things that are completely unnecessary, things that are weighing you down? Those may be the exact things that keep you prisoner to a job you hate or a person you really don't want to be with. 

In your search of soul freedom you might want to start simply by embracing the mantra of environmentalists. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Ease your way into knowing the huge difference between a want and a need. And go forward to a life filled with more meaning and connection, to self, others and the planet. 
Reduce: Ask yourself next time you are making that next purchase: do I really need that?
Reuse: Before you discard, get creative and see how you can reinvent the garbage you produce.
Recycle: Pretty self explanatory.


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