Are your cultural beliefs keeping you from getting that promotion?

I am so proud of this latest piece I wrote for LATINA magazine. This is about leaning in Latina style. For Hispanic women in the workplace (and at home too) it's not just limiting gender beliefs that can keep us from success, but cultural beliefs. Like, "good Latina girls are not aggressive," or we grapple with respecting elders and don't know how to stand up to authority figures, or we are afraid to makes make waves coz we look más bonitas when we are calladitas...

In the piece I explore four cultural roadblocks that many Latinas grapple with but also feature coaching tips to over come these hurdles:
  • Do you like playing humble?
  • Do you sometimes believe you don't deserve that corner office, or to be CEO? 
  • Do you have an issue standing up to authority figures?
  • And do you get pressured to live up to the good daughters should be married, preferably with a man and with kids?

Building Community by Saluting the Sun: How rituals can be healthy for body & spirit

Tricia & Pamela celebrate as Anton photo bombing us
Those of you who follow me know that last year I participated in the largest Bikram Yoga class in the world in Time Square. Along with 4,000 plus yogis and thousands of tourists and New Yorker's looking on, I found my zen. I learned that day that in the middle of urban madness you can tap into your inner peace. As much as I was inside, I also felt amazingly connected to the men and women challenging their bodies in the sweltering heat.

This year when the owner of the studio where I practice Bikram Tricia Donegan announced that she wanted to start a tradition and celebrate Summer Solstice by performing this ancient offering, I jumped at the chance. With another amazing yogi, Pamela Herron, she lead a group of twenty brave ones through 108 yoga poses by the Hudson River just as the sun was hitting high noon.

Welcome summer

The Northern Hemisphere celebrates Summer Solstice today, the longest day of the year. Welcome change! Celebrate the star that gives us life.  What are you doing to celebrate today's change in seasons? Spend a moment giving thanks, welcoming change and celebrating that which gives us life, el sol.

Every year I mark the beginning of summer, the day when the northern hemisphere is tilted most toward the sun, with something special and always in community. One year I celebrated with 99 drummers. Last year I participated in the largest yoga class in the world -- 4,000 people -- in the middle  of Times Square. This year I plan to participate in a smaller community yoga class by doing 108 sun salutations by the Hudson River. Do you have any traditions? I'd love to hear about them.

Here's one of my favorite love poems by Hafiz, it's all about love and the metaphor is the sun's relationship to earth.

Five great Frida Khalo quotes...

"...The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration."

Imagine that? Living a life authentically as you feel like it? The boldness with which Frida Khalo lived her life continues to inspire. She didn't just paint, she painted to live. And as a result Frida Khalo lived a full life. While her life seemed like one huge performance art exhibit, she wasn't performing, she was living. This renaissance woman was interested in everything and not just 'art.' And, she had things to say about it all--politics, fashion, culture, women's issues, class issues, cuisine, marriage, sexuality, men, and much more. Khalo inspired women across Latin America and beyond to live authentic full lives.

Can you tell I am a fan? As I see it, Khalo showed us that coloring outside the lines was not only good thing but a great endeavor. Cheers to a woman not afraid to be authentic, even if that authenticity meant to live radically different than was expected of her and women of her culture and era.

I love this quote. Here's a little inspiration, motivation, and life vision from the master painter herself. For Khalo there was no such thing as living in a box because there was no box--life had no limits.

Today is a great day to... someone you love, used to love, want to love, the planet or fill in your blank... 

Adventurous: I added something new to my routine yesterday and got a little adventurous. I walked into a gallery near my home and got a personal tour of a recently opened show "Critical Condition," now showing at the Jim Kempner Gallery. The image is Robert Attanasio's piece, "Be Thoughtful." He curated the show which includes three other artists, gilf!, Bob Seng, and Adam Taye. This one particular piece is called, "Be Thoughtful" and its formerly a Gatorade ad that originally had the word "Be Tough" to which Attanasio ingeniously added h-t-f-u-l. Those five letters subverted the ad and created a whole new vibe. The South Bronx born artist said that this world has too much violence and he just wanted to soften it up a bit. Why promote tough when you can promote thoughtfulness? When you're adventurous lots of amazing things happen.

I discovered some kind of wonderful today...

That even when it rains, birds have a reason to sing.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

Would you feed your car water instead of gasoline? Each time I put a morsel of food in my mouth I stop I think about that, and I say a silent meditation that a friend taught me: "Let this food serve as medicine for my mind, body and spirit."

Focusing on how I fuel my body this way has allowed me to eat healthier not in a big visionary way, but with each small choice I make.