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"Nothing can stop the human spirit, especially when it's aware of its own power." ~ Victor Villaseñor

America the beautiful...

This was the view from the skies as I flew into the great state of Colorado where I am scheduled to speak tonight at the 34th annual Dinner & Dance of the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce. But before the keynote I will visit Risley Middle School to speak to young Latina students. And I thought, this patchwork of beauty is inspiring. Each is so different adding to the majesty of the landscape.

As I get ready to speak to the middle school girls, I hold on to the message that the land is offering. I want to inspire young Latinas not to be afraid to dream big. I want them to know that there are tangible symbols of success all around them, not to be afraid to reach out to the elders. And that when you dream big as a child and take responsibilities for those dreams you can achieve great things.

As children of the universe, they and each of us was born to create amazing and dazzling things.
Nature gave us the code: there is beauty and power in what each of us bring to the table. Believe it.

Colorado... here I come

Honored to have been asked to deliver the keynote at the 34th Annual Dinner Dance of the good folks of the Pueblo Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce. This year's theme, "Una Noche para Celebrar La Tradición," is fascinating. 

  • How much of tradition serve Latinos who live in the US? How much does la tradición paralyze?
  • Is it healthy to live in two worlds? 
  • How do you balance the "old world ways" with the modern?
  • What are some of the traditions that serve us? 

If you are in the area of Pueblo, hope you can join in on the conversation and an evening of connection and celebration.

Every woman should read Anais Nin...

"How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself."  Anais Nin

Bon anniversaire Anais.

French-born Cubana writer and diarist would have been 110 years old today and its worth commemorating this fierce woman's life. The amazing site, Brain Pickings, has been writing about Nin's works on love, creativity, and life.  She started a diary at 10 while living in Cuba and wrote in French so no one in her family would understand and therefore violate her privacy. 

She leaves an unmatched legacy of journals -- taking us through every stage in a woman's life -- from her first menstruation, to her last breath. Inspiring. Inspired. 

I will be meditating with Oprah

I just registered for Chopra Center's 21-day free meditation challenge. There's a new twist in the seasonal offering. Oprah was added to the mix. She will join Deepak Chopra and help guide the three week meditation journey that is centered around the triad of perfect health--mind, body, and spirit.

If you're new to meditation, this program is a wonderful opportunity to begin the practice. Each day you receive a link to your inbox and you are taken to a landing page with a centering message for the day and a guided mantra mediation that usually is under twenty minutes. The benefits of meditation are plenty--from helping to ease depression, to lowering stress and warding off aging. It's a nourishing practice and a wonderful way to start and end your day. It's not just a gift that you give yourself, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone else will benefit since you stand to offer a more healthy and radiant you to the world.

I appreciate that Deepak is offering this program free of charge and that he's partnered with Oprah. Her popularity stands to bring new people to the practice. I anticipate that it will be a very special transformative journey. Oprah is very special. The program is interactive and includes the opportunity to journal as you envision yourself in whole wellness. 

Sign up HERE. Invite your friends and family. Spread the love. The 21-day challenge begins on March 11

"I am because you are." South African proverb

Love Redefined: Three great books on love

These three gems are great reads for those trying to cultivate love in their lives. Each of the authors have different approaches that lead to the same conclusion: love is our supreme emotion.

True Love
Thich Nhat Hanh writes that in order to love correctly (and yes, there is a wrong way to love) one must be present. The Buddhist monk's explores the four fundamental aspects of love: loving kindness, compassion, joy and freedom in this tiny book. If the love (s) you have in your life are not offering you those four key components, or if you find yourself not being able to offer the kind of love that as those essential ingredients, read Hanh's sweet book. It's a timeless gem that I always go back to again and again.

Upgrade your definition of love

Love by Gustabo Rodriguez

Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being."
~ Barbara Fredrickson

Our definition of love needs to be upgraded argues Fredrickson, the author of the newly released book, Love 2.0. She's writes: love blossoms virtually anytime two or more people--even strangers--connect over a shared positive emotion be it mild or strong."

I like her definition and find it's not that far fetched. Try it, this "new" definition of love.

Love is renewable energy that blesses and nourishes. Happy Valentine's Day!

Why touch is a miracle drug

Touch is a miracle drug.

It plays a fundamental role in our development, our quality of life and health. Of course, we should not need a study to prove just how powerful touch is, but a growing body of research is proving just that for those who need the science to back it up.

A baby that is touched more will develop healthier, have a stronger immune system and fewer physical problems. Baseball and basketball teams that are "touchy" win more games. Students who get pats on the back by teachers perform better in tests. Couples that touch each other report more satisfaction in their relationships.

We need touch not just to survive but thrive.  It's a primal and necessary way of communicating. Hugs, holding hands, pats on our backs, group hugs--it's not hippie talk, it's real talk.

Talking your way to the big "O"

I have the honor of hosting one of the most amazing health professionals I know, the Dallas-based sexologist, Dr. Tanginika Cuascud. 

She'll be teaching "Let's Talk Dirty," an experiential, interactive & fun workshop for adult women. The workshop will explore ways to build self and sexual confidence and the repertoire to enhance communication in the bedroom so women can achieve higher levels of pleasure, connectedness, intimacy & passion. 

If you're in the New York City area, stop by. It's a private, women only affair.

Don't cry for me, I am a vegetarian: Becoming a Vegetarian: 3 Easy Tips

When I share with friends--particularly my meat loving brethren that I am now a vegetarian--I feel like I photosynthesized into a brussel sprout. I get the craziest looks that go from disgust to befuddlement. Poor you? Why?

Vegetables have a bad rep but vegetarians have an even bigger ill repute. Meat eating folks--and I am taking great liberties here because until 11 months ago, I was on that team--look at herbivores as sad little people who are missing out and living in a bland world of tasteless asparagus and soggy carrots. Carnivores look at us as being just a tiny bit on the side of loco. "Tofu casserole? No, gracias, I'll take the carnita," they say.

A year ago, I was one of those people. But I did not know any better. Since discovering the galaxy of vegetables that I can eat and the delicious recipes to make 'em, my palate and life has been enriched. I don't feel I am missing a thing. Seriously.

The second most frequent question I'm asked by well meaning friends is how--How did you do it? Is it hard? Do you miss eating meat or fish, I mean, "aren't you the grand daughter and niece of master Caribbean fishermen?" Then, after hearing me gush about how light I feel, the weight I keep off, the glow of my skin, my friends almost always ask for a great veggie recipe. (See the butternut, pesto gnocchi above.)

Becoming a vegetarian for me was easy because I was resolute. Here are three tips if you've been toying with the idea.

Be thankful for even the tiniest moments

Live with an open heart. Cultivate gratefulness as a way of life. This morning I gave thanks for my many wonderful blessings, including the snow that fell from the heavens and the majestic music of Miles Davis who was playing sweet songs as I bathed in warm water and cypress oil.

This I know: when you live in appreciation, you are connected to divinity. That grace fills me with joy. 

I share with you the mesmerizing work of photographer Louie Schwartzberg.  In the dazzling video, the award winning photographer reveals true happiness:

"You think this is just another day in your life? It's not just another, it's the one day that is given to you Today. It's given to you. It's a gift. It's the only gift that you have right now and the only appropriate response is gratefulness." from Louie's Schwartzberg's project, Happiness Revealed.

How to be Confident: Two Easy Tips

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you started." - Marcus Garvey

No once can give you self confidence, you have to feel and get it yourself. However, the great news coming from social psychologists (and my momma) is that there is one practice that if done often, can help you get it. It's all about how you stand!

For women especially, it takes time to feel fully confident in mind, body and spirit. There is nothing more amazing than knowing what you want and asking for what you need. Being bold and audacious takes time because so much is chipping away at our self esteem. However, while this confident moment arrives, there are two powerful things to consider: you can fake it till you feel it and you have to learn the power pose.

Stop being Afraid: Three Easy Practices for the Risk Averse

Make A Wish  
“Cowardly lovers never make history.” Silvio Rodriguez

Living life in a risk averse state is like driving a car with the emergency break on. Yes you can drive the vehicle but there is always something preventing you from going full speed ahead and allowing the car do what it was made to do. Playing it safe always is like living life in mediocrity and never fully exploiting your potential.

In finance, a risk averse investor is reluctant to make an investment unless there is certainty in the payoff. But what any investor worth her gold will tell you is that there is always a risk, even if it's small.

Being a risk taker is imperative for your personal and professional growth.  If you constantly find yourself playing it safe you know you're not really winning. You know that you're letting opportunities pass you by. Being afraid to take risks—in love and life-- is unnatural because we were born with intuitive intelligence to assess real danger.  We innately know the perils that lie ahead. We become paralyzed with an inability to take leaps because we have covered that knowing with layers of fear—fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear to be embarrassed, fear that we will be rejected, fear that we will not be able to do it well, and for many, fear to succeed. Insert your fear here…

Love & the Modern Woman

In case you missed the show, here you go. It was very fun. Enjoy.

Tune in tonight. I will be a guest on Robert Manni's Guy's Guy radio show. I'll be a talking about my book, and specifically, love, relationships and the modern Latina.

You can also chime in by calling 347-945-5834.