Racism, Latino Style

In case you didn't know, Latinos are not immune to the parasite that is racism. There is a long harsh history of racism against black and indigenous populations of the Americas. But, we deny its existence, though the stats are pretty clear. We pretend it's ok too -- it's a cultural thing -- when we call someone's skin humilde, or he's a negrito Charlie, to name just a few of the micro aggressions.

Early this month we saw it rear its ugly when a Univision host Rodner Figueroa -- who is gay and should know better -- said on the air that our our fierce and gorgeous First Lady Michelle Obama looked like a cast member of the Planet of the Apes. He laughed. And laughter was heard in the background. Then a few hours later he was fired.

When I heard about the incident, tears welled up. I was hurt. I can't help but be hurt for black women and young girls who watch his show. For me. For each other. The non-Black Latinos are also maimed by his derogatory comments. Everyone is affected when acts of violence happen--the perpetrator, his target and the collateral damage--the witnesses.

Rejuvenate. Renew. Reboot. Spring is here!

Welcome Spring

It arrives tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere. The turtles are returning to give birth on Caribbean beaches they were born a long time ago. The earth is giving birth, again. It was challenging at times to fully appreciate that underneath the sea of snow, the earth was fertile and teeming with life. But the earth is a teacher and a healer and when you surrender to her wisdom and pay attention, life does taste sweeter.

Tomorrow's Spring Equinox arrives in a rare cosmic event with a Supermoon +  Solar eclipse. The earth will be bathed in powerful healing energy. Use this time to renew, reset + rejuvenate. Spring Equinox is a time when day and night - light and dark --  are equal.