"There is no such thing as a map or a safety net when you are an artist." ~ Isabel Toledo

Ruben Toledo
"There is no such thing as a map or a safety net when you are an artist." 
~ Isabael Toledo in "Roots of Style" part memoir, part beautiful meditation on love, life and fashion. 
Ruben Toledo

I had the privilege of spending lots of time with the extraordinary artist and fashion designer Isabel Toledo and her equally extra special husband, the fashion illustrator and artist, Ruben during the making of her memoir several years ago. The jam sessions with the Toledos and Isabel, especially, were transformational. Years later, her essence lingers... 
By Isabel's lived example I saw that art is divine. And that life is art. And that if you approach life like that, everything you do is magic. Isabel co creates with the universe and everything around her is beautiful. Plants. Food. Dress making. Dancing. Writing. Her relationship with her beloved, Ruben. 
During one of the sessions I remember a conversation about the idea that at the core, nothing is under your control. As an artist, you must understand that there is no map. At some point, if you really want to do this--be the artist you were born to be--you must surrender to that idea of a safety map. You prepare for sure, you nurture your craft-- you take time to study, to plan, to learn, but you must especially take care to leave space to dream and to play. Don't for a minute think art is something you do. Art is something you are.