Praise for the The New Latina's Bible.

"The New Latina's Bible is a masterwork! Sandra Guzman pours herself into page after page of insight, passion, wisdom and love and her beautiful lyrical voice speaks to our heart. Tender and tough, it's a great gift to women of color and those who love us." 
Susan L. Taylor, Editor Emeritus, Essence


“As intimate and valuable as a chat with your best amiga from whom you keep no secrets.”
Esmeralda Santiago, author of Almost a Woman


“I was so moved by Sandra’s vulnerability, honesty and wisdom. I truly saw myself in some of her heartfelt experiences. Her stories of tears, joy, laughter, triumphs, disappointments and lessons learned allows us to see how similar and connected we are, expanding the community of Latinas throughout America and the world.”
Rosie Perez, Oscar nominated actress


"With her honesty, integrity, and Boricua warrior way of thinking, Sandra Guzmán has created an empowering treasure that will make us understand, embrace, love and be proud of all our differences. This treasure of a book will be my gift to every Latina friend I have!
Dayanara Torres, former Miss Universe &  actress


What readers are saying...

From Latina Book Club:

August 15, 2011


I wrote THE NEW LATINA'S BIBLE with a simple desire: to inspire Latinas to feel joyous about their culture, to understand that they mattered, that they are beautiful and intelligent and that they could dream big and achieve the unimaginable. – Sandra Guzman

The Modern Latina’s Guide to Love,
Spirituality, Family, and La Vida
By Sandra Guzman
Seal Press, 2011

Sandra Guzman, the former editor-in-chief of Latina magazine, published the first THE LATINA BIBLE in 2002 by Random House. She has now updated and expanded the original for a total of 14 chapters that cover everything from “Surviving Your Mother” to “Centering Your Soul” to the “Secrets of Latina Dating” to “Marrying Outside la Raza” to “The Get-Ahead Gide for the Nueva Latina.”

This book is about empowerment, about family, about love, about being yourself, about being Latina.

It takes one Latina to know a Latina. Guzman’s book is full of “good advice, hard-earned wisdom and valuable mirroring.” It’s a good resource for Latinas of all ages, and there are lots of insert boxes with mini-bios of leading Latinas worth knowing and wonderful and fun tidbits.

For example: The Four Things You Don’t Need to Be to Catch a Good Latin Man:

• A great cook
• A great dancer
• A good housekeeper
• A beauty queen

What readers are saying:

This was such an amazing book. It made me laugh and sad and all of the emotions found between. Sandra Guzman has such an honest voice and I found myself reflecting on who I am as a Latina. This is by far one of the best books I've read in a while. It's definitely a book that every Latina should read. It empowers and shows you that you are not alone. I absolutely loved this book!
Kiki Lightbourn
This book helped me embrace my Latina roots. I felt as though I didn't fit the Latina mold, but this book reminded that we are a rich culture. A great read!
Very good insight into the Hispanic culture and mindset. However, this book took me awhile to get through because of the different languages that were used both Spanish and English slang together in the book, and if I hadn't known Spanish, I would have gone crazy. Hopefully, I can start to more effectively reach out to and work with my Hispanic students.
Laura Garcia
I think that every Latina should read this book. If you don't identify with all of it there will be one or more parts that you do identify with. It's a good read.